The Thinker’s Curse

The Thinker’s Curse

Thinkers are afflicted by what I am going to call The Thinker’s Curse. Yes, I am well aware that everyone thinks (though some appear not to), but not everyone is a “thinker”. Thinkers are the people who spend hours contemplating doing something that takes 10 minutes and might examine a two sided issue from 10 different angles.

The thinker’s brain is working all the time to puzzle things out. It travels to the future and the past and then meets itself back in the present day to try and work out what the best course of action is. It walks into the room of the mind, orders a cocktail of questions, and mingles with the emotions that show up as the drink goes down. The logic used to figure something out might be solid, but the feelings sometimes cause a decision to be second-guessed. This isn’t right or wrong, it just is. There are some cases, where the back and forth and up and down of all the thinking goes on for way too long. Thinking about the action becomes the only action and then things just stop moving forward.

This “paralysis by over-analysis”, if you will, can be somewhat of a curse. The uncertainty that the outcome will be the best it can, might keep one from pulling the trigger on some decision. Alternately, the brain might travel to the past and then just dwell there for way too long (or to the future – otherwise known as day-dreaming). When this happens it has the same affect, nothing happens in the here and now and that can become a problem.

I have not yet figured out what the best way would be to counter-balance the potential issues caused by too much thinking. I have given it some thought, but I should probably think about it some more before I come to any conclusions…


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