The Mariner

The Mariner

What would become of a tale one tells
With ancient word and rhyme,
Not really of the here and now
But of its own space and time?

A fair prediction, it shall be said
Is that the song falls on deaf ears,
And the world, now quick, no longer home
For one who stops and hears.

A flower plucked has its fate sealed
By those who look upon it
But can a large work tell it better
Than a simple sonnet?

My answer’s “no”, but I’m just one
Whose fate is also sealed
For this is where my heart is home
And by nature not revealed.

But alas good hope, another twist
Has brought The Mariner to me
And I find my own kind of light
In a tale about the sea.

The albatross and life-in-death
And every vision from each verse,
In passion spoken with rhyme not broken
Of wedding guest and curse.

This book survived alone to find me
A century for this one hour of need,
My faith restored, my purpose clear
A question asked has an answer indeed.

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My Perfect Sunset Sky

My Perfect Sunset Sky

I’m so sorry for trying to make you out to be
A puzzle piece
Rounded edges to fit certain curves
In the color of burnt sienna
A fairy-tale ending moment
To complete the picture of my perfect sunset sky.

I’m still reminded daily of something lost
A random song forever haunted by
The unknown road we traveled.
I was once so in love with you, with us.
Lulled into the gaps where we could be
Us without the weight of all the world.

But the world is heavy and full of stones
And people can’t live inside the gaps
And that picture I had in my head of life
I guess, is just a fantasy.
The kind you say it’s OK to dream of
Even if it is something that can never be.

Still we had night trains and starry skies
Togwotee and color changing eyes
Those are moments that I will always own
And I will never regret how and when we started
Even if I’m forever broken hearted
Incomplete without my missing piece, alone.

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The current like time
Always flowing without fail
Smooths a jagged stone.
This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 1) Prompt: Water, Haiku, Simile
Theme: Water
Style: Haiku (definitely not one of my favorites).
Technique: Simile

Photo Source: Jess Gibbs from JessGibbsPhotography

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Center Stage

Center Stage

The road that I traveled was troubled and long
Each turn that I took could have been terribly wrong
But somehow I managed
To not get too damaged
And I found my way the end of that song.

Now the sun’s shining down as I stand under my bonnet
It’s greening the grass as I look upon it
My heart all a flutter
My voice in a stutter
Reciting my journey; words captured in sonnet.

I’m telling my story for the whole world to hear
I’m facing the crowd despite of my fear
As I finish the rhyme
I’m suspended in time
My soul lifted high by the sound of their cheer.

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Idle Music

Idle Music

Tapping, snapping, closed fist knuckles rapping,
playing out the tune thats stuck up in your head.
In the car, barely moving,
your thumbs are thumping the steering wheel instead.

Idle moments filled with sound
by busy digits thinking when your not.
Strumming, drumming, when life’s not forthcoming,
making music on the spot.

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Getting There

Getting There

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy
And time is what it takes to get there.
Up and down and around the circle
With a few reminders that life’s not fair.

We stop and stare and wonder why
With a little ache deep down inside
Then we push forward, come rain or fear
If we fail, then at least we know we tried.

Sleepless nights lost in thought
And candle-lit days with both ends burning.
If we press on and do what’s right
We approach what our heart is yearning.

It is the sweet promise of getting there
That keeps things moving steadily along.
One foot in front of the other now,
The goal is in sight, it won’t be long.

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

It’s all sediment and rocks and driftwood
in the flow of life.
Some things sink to the bottom and settle
Others tumble and collide
and get stuck and break free.
Sometimes I’m outside myself
watching and waiting.
I’m standing on the riverbank.
A longing to be one with the flow
swells and subsides.
I am still that girl.
Am I still that girl?
For all my hopelessness I’m still hopeful
that spring will thaw the ice in my heart,
so that I can embrace this day.
and appreciate it for what it was meant for.
So that I can get unstuck and break free
and just ride that feeling to where it leads me.


A week behind us now
and all but forgotten.
But not my sentiment.
I’ve got a lingering need
to witness some persistence.
The Wizard behind the curtain
Still working the levers and knobs.
A day after
A week after
Years and years and years after.
It may or may not be magic
But that does not matter
As long as you can still feel it.


I’ve never tried to explain a poem before with another poem, but I guess that is how this one worked out. 🙂

Peace and Love,

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