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Center Stage

Center Stage The road that I traveled was troubled and long Each turn that I took could have been terribly wrong But somehow I managed To not get too damaged And I found my way the end of that song. … Continue reading

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Getting There

Getting There Nothing worthwhile is ever easy And time is what it takes to get there. Up and down and around the circle With a few reminders that life’s not fair. We stop and stare and wonder why With a … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day It’s all sediment and rocks and driftwood in the flow of life. Some things sink to the bottom and settle Others tumble and collide and get stuck and break free. Sometimes I’m outside myself watching and waiting. I’m … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found Four years ago I was blessed by what I can only describe as a miracle. A dear sweet friend of mine who had years earlier suffered grave injuries that left her in a coma had suddenly and … Continue reading

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Long Talks and Sidewalks

Long Talks and Sidewalks Rainbows and ponies don’t do anything for me. Don’t bring me cut flowers and expect me to smile and swoon. I don’t need material things to stimulate a feeling, Or simulate some other notion of how … Continue reading

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Circles of Life…

I was outside today and working around the yard on several projects that all seem to be running in parallel. Each task seems to have a prerequisite which needs to be satisfied which leads to some other thing that becomes … Continue reading

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On Romance and Life…

Today is THAT day. Yeah, that day. It’s the day I make sure everybody knows how I feel about it. I’m that girl who will tell anyone who asks, and even those that don’t, how dumb I think Valentines day … Continue reading

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