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The Rainbow Connection

2016-09-06 The Rainbow Connection I’m face down in my bed this morning trying to go back to sleep. My stomach is rolling and my brain is tied up in knots and I’m so tired. Mental and physical exhaustion have me … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found Four years ago I was blessed by what I can only describe as a miracle. A dear sweet friend of mine who had years earlier suffered grave injuries that left her in a coma had suddenly and … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Cancun

Earlier this year I went on vacation in Cancun. It was a four day getaway with three of my girlfriends. This time around, we were a more mild-mannered bunch enjoying delicious food, fancy drinks, relaxing days, and not much into … Continue reading

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Hello Trapper. Nice to Meet You.

It’s funny sometimes how the brain chooses to remember some things and forget others. We all have these selective memories to some degree and the things we don’t remember are just as telling as the things we do. When I … Continue reading

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Look Ma – I Did It Myself…

Several weeks ago I decided to turn the fourth bedroom of my house into an office. Once that transformation was nearing completion, I had but one thing left to finish the space – a desk. My old desk was still … Continue reading

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Circles of Life…

I was outside today and working around the yard on several projects that all seem to be running in parallel. Each task seems to have a prerequisite which needs to be satisfied which leads to some other thing that becomes … Continue reading

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The Fear that Lingers…

Even now as I sit here in my bed, the facts about what just happened are quickly fading away. Like tiny grains of sand slipping through my fingertips, I can’t hold them as they were not built to be held. … Continue reading

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